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Google Maps Trippermap


Here's another version of this funky map developed by Mark Zeman that shows where in the world mine and Kates photo's have been taken. This one shows the photo's on Google Maps so you can zoom right in and see the satellite images too. I think it's another great way to show off our photo's and gives us some sense of scale. Boy, we've got a way to go yet! If you want to know more about the stories relating to these pictures then visit our travel blog.

If you want to go back to the normal and original map with trips included see Rich and Kates Trippermap.

For the techies amongst you, it's called Trippermap and you can find out more about and how to get your own to link up with your Flickr photo's on the Trippermap site. It basically works by 'tagging' your photo's with City/Country tags or to get more specific you can geotag photos.