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In this section you'll find a selection of my previous work, across a range of media. Click on one of the thumbnails to jump straight in or navigate to a section using the links on the right.


Askrigg Hideaways Website Design Jquery Gallery Experiment Blueleaf Limited Website Design RF-ID.COM Website for Blueleaf Limited Chronicles of Narnia for BBC Oxford GoldRush Interactive Timeline for BBC Oxford Pumpkin Shooting Game

illustration Images

Organic/Mechanical Hybrid Organic/Mechanical HybridPizza Menu Design Organic/Mechanical Hybrid Experiemental Image - Dynamic Compound Organic/Mechanical Hybrid Blue Media Poster Orang Utan's Rehabilitation Centre Photographs Block City - Photoshop Filter Experiment

3D Images

3D Render of Blood Cells 3D render of a Clock3D render of Cambridge Audio DVD player controller 3D render of a set of Kitchen Cupboards 3D render of a Character - Little Guy 3D render of an old PC Joypad 3d render of a canyon landscape 3d render of a caricatured artists manikin 3d render of example medical microscopic image 3d render of example medical microscopic image 3D render of a millennium bug toy/figure


Animated Short Film 'The Journey'

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